When Disaster Strikes

Sept, 2020   ·   2 min read

The California wild fires reminds us how important it is to be prepared for disasters. Many California-based attorneys were forced to evacuate their towns and saw their offices destroyed within minutes. For many firms that meant lost files and destroyed technology, severely impacting their ability to serve their clients during their time of need.

Firms with on-premises technology might have thought that they were prepared by taking daily or weekly data backups. However most backups were stored on site or close by and were distroyed. Many firms still work from hardcopy documents and store these documents locally or not in a secured, protected location. These too went up in smoke. According to Nicole Black's article in the ABA Journal "Lawyers are becoming fully reliant on technology to ensure their businesses run smoothly and, now more than ever, count on cloud-based technologies to keep their law firms afloat despite the uncertain times."

There are a few critical steps that can significantly simplify disaster exposure. The most impactful is to use cloud-based technology built on secure and proved technology like Google Cloud. Not only do most operate in state of the art data centers but data backups are automatically taken and the backups are stored in far removed locations. Request and capture documents in digital formats or scan the paper documents upon arrival. These electronic documents should them be stored in a cloud-based document management system. Finally do not store critical documents locally on your PC / Laptop. Always make sure that they are in a location that is backed up, protected and remotely accessible.

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