Caseroads® Partnered with Bar / ADR Associations, Legal Societies, Law Schools, Consultants, and Value-added Resellers

Bar and ADR Associations

Caseroads has and will continue to partner with Associations and other Societies to provide benefits to their members.
  • Provides discounts to members
  • Educate members on the latest technology
  • Sponsor events and help support association activities
  • Assist new firms, young lawyers, and neutrals
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Bar Association
Legal Academic

Legal Academic Program (LEAP)

Caseroads LEAP is designed to provide Law Schools and ADR Certification programs with free access to Caseroads and other resources.
  • Provides free access to Caseroads
  • Caseroads delivers free, hands on training
  • Assists with free education on practice management
  • Coordinates access to partner services and expertise
  • Assists recent graduates with cost effective access to Caseroads
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Consultants and Value-added Resellers

Caseroads partners with legal and ADR consultants to enhance our local presence and provide additional services and allow our clients to get the most out of our software.
  • Access Caseroads trained resources
  • Enhance your firm beyond Practice Management
  • Become part of the Caseroads ecosystem
  • Obtain additional benefits
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